Welcome to Safe Chicken’s documentation!

So what is Safe Chicken?

  • a Raspberry Pi controlling a chicken door electronics so they are safe at night

  • the door can be opened or closed according to:

    • sunrise & sunset (calculated)

    • static time

    • force command (web app open/close buttons)

  • the web application helps checking the current state of the door and allowing some user commands

  • the output is just a relay signal to open and close the door

  • the door motor and the motor electronics are not part of this project; this setup just controls the relay signals (and two LEDs for displaying the status)

  • uses an MQTT broker which runs on your NAS or a home server (but could also run on the Raspberry itself)

  • allows unstable WLAN connections from the Raspberry to the home network

Get Safe Chicken on GitHub.

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